Surprisingly Ashy Bines made a rant of her fan page today which was both unprofessional and immature, as a director and Brand Identity it demonstrates not only a lack of maturity but her post was factually incorrect.

This was the post:-




Here are some of her customers responses (apart from the usual haters gonna hate and we must all be jealous) there were some well worded objections to the content of her post.




Let us now analyse what Ashy Bines said:-

She says: Check out my interview with Beauty Haven !! 
As always a mixture of negative comments about plastic surgery and me being a evil money hungry witch,to make it very clear none of the negativity phases me one bit.I actually find it very funny what i see people say if i get the chance to see it 😉 My staff do a great job of getting rid of negativity around me 🙂 BEST TEAM!

The fact is you have had breast augmentation surgery and whilst that is not important on the face of it the fact that you advocate and use your influence to promote Cosmeditour which organise trips to Thalaind for women to have plastic surgery when none of the surgeons as FRACS qualifed is dangerous and inappropriate as well as irresponsible.

If you are always worried about what people are saying about you ,there is no possible way you could be happy.Life is way to short for that crap!

Love who you are,be proud of who you are and the people who know you are the people who matter.People are always going to make up stories and reasons to hate you without even knowing you one little bit,they will judge ,criticize and paint a picture of who they think you are because they are insecure in their own life’s,wishing they had the drive to do what you do,want what you have, or they could be simply having a bad day and they need to let their frustration out on someone or something or just plain bored and picking on people is fun to them.


We do not have frustrations and we are not bored we expect that like any other business whereby you have had months to correct the poor customer service and yet as we speak there are so many women who have not received their product and are lost on the forum and cannot find their downloads which they paid for. Perhaps you should focus on your customer base in lieu of yourself?


For example:





I hear so many things about my life that people say that there is just no way its true,apparently Ive had a face lift and butt implants,i inject fake tan and have lipo in my tummy,Ive come from a rich family and never had to actually work.I actually peeled potato’s when i was 13 for $5 an hour for my first job and have worked ever since. Fun REAL fact of the day haha!! Wendy George my gorgeous mum can confirm this for anyone who doesn’t believe me ! ( I am very glad i found a career i LOVE doing was not keen on ever peeling a damn potato again haha!)


Nobody from the advocacy page has alleged any of those issues. We know you came from a modest background and that your mother is loyal to a fault. You may love your career but you created a false document alleging you have qualification is the UK, which you do not have and that is called uttering a false document. Again nothing personal but please accept responsibility for the fact that your business model is flawed and despite more than 14,400+ unhappy customers plus those who have passed through and been re-housed and assisted with refunds, and OFT complaints, the only reason why you have made changes to your website is because we reported a complaint on behalf of the unhappy customer community forcing you to comply with the law, like any other business is expected to. You are not an exception to the rule actually. You cannot collect peoples money and fail them so dismally  Why not send them a welcome letter with all the information including the plans each time they join? Provide a generic letter which explains all the terminology and information on how to manoeuvre their way around the forums. Is that unreasonable? Surely by now you would have implemented some sort of strategy.

oh and Im a 40 year old single mum and had lunch with peter foster last week and someone told me to do everyone a favor and put my head in a blender and end it. and guess what??
Its All BULLSHIT STORIES and nasty crap that they make up to make themselves feel better and to try bring me down. I actually laugh at the stuff i read now. Didn’t even know who peter foster was until i researched him after someone claimed i was at lunch with him haha!!!

Nobody in our admin team has ever made those allegations, we know you are 24 years old but we also know your advice is flawed, your new forum is not providing the service required, that you charge a different price for UK residents 69 pounds whilst Australians pay $75,60 and you still have amendments to make to your web site because it still has flaws which could be construed as misleading. Thank goodness for OFT Queensland issuing your company with strict compliance ultimatums because as at 5 December you were still providing conflicting information which constituted breaches of OFT legislation and ACCC legislation amongst other thing. Lest we forget your screenshot which states money back guarantee, and your continued advertising mantra of “lose weight fast guaranteed”. That is contractually flawed, why because everyone is different.


As for Peter Foster, I am the one who made the comment that your business is akin to Peter Foster’s business model which was famous for taking advantage of clients and breaching laws and scamming people. Nobody has suggested you have met him nor had lunch with him, that is misleading and deceptive on its face. Another blurb from you seeking support from your fans which has diminished your standing in the market place as immature and unprofessional.

Rant over haha Anyways check out my interview below and their amazing website heaps of great beauty stuff on there!!


Perhaps you can concentrate on the multiple amount of women who have not received their product, their inability to access forums and their pleas on your fan page for assistance?


That would be called customer service.


Instead of ranting like a self obsessed ”poor me” how about your spend the time helping so many women who are lost and cannot log in, desperately looking for the opportunity to dowload product they have paid for and whilst your new guidelines are pretty and an improvement, we are going to blog about its flaws once the investigation concludes with ACCC and OFT including the abuse of your client data base to help a member of your staff cheat in a competition to the detriment of the public and in breach of competition rules.

Now let us assess the false testimonial you altered despite what this amazing girl posted in your forum. Blaming the advocacy page is an absolute embarrassment for you when the proof is tangible and clear. Even Jodie’s alleged mother and one of her friends confirmed the picture on the right is not her or has been distorted to the point of unrecognisable  compare it to the testimonial she makes on the ABCEDP page.

The real testimonial after five months of hard work, well done Jodie you deserve to be congratulated what an awesome effort. The kudos is all yours.







The you posted on your page fan page that Jodie’s joruney took 5 WEEKS  s weeks which was NOT TRUE and diminished the achievements of a wonderful customers journey who trusted you and whom you exploited to sell more product.In your fan page  testimonial which you posted advising everyone that this person achieved weight loss in 5 weeks when in fact it was FIVE MONTHS, you did that yourself, nobody misled you, you used it to provide false and misleading information at the expense of one of your customers whose journey was incredible. This is what she posted herself in the online forum:-


Proof of relationship between the woman who made the testimonial and the person who alleged she was her mother?



What Ashy Bines published on her page which is demonstrably false and misleading is insulting to her customer. Note that Dot has said it is  her daughter? It also does not match her testimonial on the online forum? Why are you so desperate to sell or mislead your fan base? No jealousy not hating just shaking our heads and the incredible lengths you will go to mislead and deceive women who trust in your testimonials  if you trust your product why not be honest about it? Why delete DOT Daniels COMMENT AND BAN HER FROM THE PAGE? IS THE TRUTH TOO CONFRONTING OR ARE SALES AND TURNOVER THE DRIVING FORCE?


Now we have just received this screenshot in which Jodie claims the transformation as hers, WE BELIEVE HER – Her testimonial on the facebook page clearly states she took and * MONTH JOURNEY. SO WHY DID ABBBC CHANGE IT TO 5 WEEKS? Perhaps her mother did not recognise her own daughter or perhaps what her mother meant was this did not happen in 5 weeks!!! READ ABOVE ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ (Amended by Cathy Brophy)




Perhaps you should concentrate on building brand credibility in the market place as in the last six month the same theme of customer complaints lack of service and non receipt of product  has not altered in the last six months. If you truly care about your customer base stop ranting like a petulant unprofessional child and  take care of your customer complaints for example:-




Who can take seriously a pseudonym with the initial A blogging about the Ashy Bines Journey? With the letter A of all choices to make?


Thank you for taking the time so share and read this blog. Please help the international members of the public. Use the google function look up Ashy Bines Scam, Google Scambook and Reviews and see what the public have to say before you are conned by some dodgy testimonials. I will qualify that by saying there are some amazing and real transformations. My issue is why not be honest, why alter information, take responsibility and micro manage the problems which you are solely responsible as a company. We are not doing this for the pleasure, we would happily unpublish the page, once you stop thinking that that consumer law is something you do not have to comply with at ABBBC Pty Ltd.


Thank you the Admin Team, and thank you to those who send the screenshots.


Concentrate on you growing number of customer complaints please ABBBC Pty Ltd.




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Journalist Anylises the Ashy Bines Brand Objectively

Well written and balanced analysis.



Ashy Bines: Fit or Fraud?

Recently the Ashy Bines “diet plan” was named as one of the worst diets in the country by the Dietitians Association of Australia, yet her popularity continues. Chynna Wilson investigates.

If you’re female, live in Australia, and are one of the many people who have Facebook, then you’ve probably heard of Ashy Bines. For those of you who haven’t, how could you not? She is Australia’s leading body transformation specialist after all. Or so she claims.

In less than a year, Ashy Bines has become a brand name. The 23 year old Gold Coaster made her start as a fitness model before deciding to put her fitness tips and tricks to paper and sell it as a ‘diet plan’ to girls around Australia. For roughly $75 ($69 +GST), you are told you’ll receive not only the ‘diet plan’ but access to a members only forum…

View original post 1,739 more words

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Ashy Bines Free On This Page

If you want to have access to the best free clean eating groups, updated Ashy Bines Guidelines, and other information, recipes and the like please go to our page

or email our team based in the USA and UK at for us to provide you with the product free of charge.


Thank you Allly, Beck, Jen et al.




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It appears that the old forum URL has disappeared and a new forum has been created, normally one would be exited and think progress at last, the old forum was not working and was a ghost town. Hard to manoeuvre and not user friendly.


Having regard to the abundance of customer feedback, both negative and constructive, one would have expected that that since July 2012, ABBBC Pty Ltd would have put all their efforts into making this a professional online forum, which had a user friendly interface, and then contacted all of their clients (existing and new clients) with:-


1. Advance warning, and


2. Particulars of how to operate the forum, and


3. Notice so that the many posts in progress awaiting answers would or could have been processed or transferred to the forum.


Wishful thinking?


The new forum interface mimics a third class attempt at replicating a facebook like interactive forum which looks like a desert with no life. Whilst everyone makes a typographical error from time to time it seems to be me to somewhat absurd that they cannot spell the name of their own alleged copyright title correctly. cleaneatingdietplan as opposed to cleaneatingdietpaln? That is unprofessionalism at its worst.

The only aspect of ABBBC which works aside from bootcamps is the facebook forum, the most neglected part of the business yet the customers favourite. Why invest so many resources and then get it so wrong? Ashy needs to be working the forum with her professional team not hiding is an online forum, which before was like a ghost town and she still had trouble keeping her promise of 24/7 lifetime support, one had to wait 24/48 hours, at time longer?

What are they going to do now?

A forum which permits people to upload their music, movies, and the like, is ABBBC going to facilitate copyright breaches, something they currently do themselves on their facebook forum yet bitterly complain about when people sell or share the product they have purchased?


This is what it looks like:-














Current breaches of copyright contained in their file section on the facebook forum with the amount of eBooks ABBBC Pty Ltd have been made available for 40,000+ members and I would put money on it that are not authorised to distribute same. Somewhat hypocritical  given their demonstrated history of plagiarism.


Kind Regards Anne





Sadly the same re-occuring theme – new members with absolutely no clue as to what to do and or where to get the product they paid for. Will they ever learn?



Written By Anne-Claire O’Loughlin (Copied from Ashy Bines is a Waste of Money Blog)





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Hello and Welcome Check out My Blog

I have so far mirrored the blog of Anne Claire O’Loughlin head Admin of Ashy Bines Waste of $ Page. I will also be adding my own blogs to this page. Any issues you may have please do not hesitate to contact me via email or reply to a post via comment. Enjoy and Share with your friends.

Any information we would appreciated.  Sincere thanks Allly.

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Firstly we sought the consent from the victim before writing this blog. This blog focused on two issues, one the theft of a person’s identity and photographs to induce potential sales, the second, how ABBBC Pty Ltd keep reporting our promoted posts so that we cannot reach a wider audience. We ask that you like our page even if you do not wish to be involved in the day to day posts. Adjust your newsfeeds as a sign of support for the wanton disregard of the rights of those who are being usurped by this money hungry business who still fails to comply with consumer legislation.

ABBBC on 30.11.2012 uploaded a testimonial belonging a person not related to their business nor a client nor a testimonial provided to them.

Once caught they removed the testimonial which caused great distress to the victim.

Whilst they removed the photo and testimonial when Andrew S Turk friend of the victim pointed it out we still have the evidence of the URL of the photograph as Andrew used it in his post. Of course he was blocked and his comments were removed. ABBBC Pty Ltd do not want their fans to know the truth. That they are stealing a photograph and publishing same on their page and passing it off as their own testimonial. (Please note the photo in the corner is not the subject who was victimised it is a screenshot which is designed to show the URL of the photo / testimonial which was removed with a date stamp and time for corroborative purposes – we would not put up a photograph of the victim to protect her from being further violated).

We did invite Director Steven Evans to respond to our post and provide an explanation as to how this could occur? At this point in time, it appears he is choosing to remain silent.

Sadly this is not the first time. We have proven that this has occurred at least 4 times.

Here is the link to the post on the Waste of Money Page: which particularises all the comments on the thread which we have used only two salient comments as examples.

Please support this victim ( and all the other victims of this business) by liking our page as we need your support to keep fighting to expose this business for their lack of ethics in addition to their blatant and or wanton disregard of people whom they claim to care about. In my view they are desperate to make money and will stop at nothing to sell their product which still, fails to meet the mark.
Please share with your friends and support this victim so that your friends all over the world are not mislead into believing that all the testimonials they see are in fact theirs or real.

If you go to this page which is not affiliated with  they offer access to A FANTASTIC SUPPORTIVE PROFESSIONAL FREE CLEAN EATING GROUP:- there offer great recipes, links and the Ashy Bines Guidelines Free. Do not support this business until such time as they comply with the law and stop engaging in conduct which in trade and commerce is unconscionable.
Posts on our page which was reported by ABBBC Pty Ltd in our attempt to provide our worldwide audience the opportunity to google and research the product before they spend their money.
Post reported and advertising stopped on the basis of breaches of TOC’s Facebook Nudity:-
This post was also reported:

For a man and in his position as Director of ABBBC Pty Ltd to moralise about bullying and then praise the work of our page as having helped expand his business in private he has a different persona it would appear:-
This is just some of the thread and but in private this is how her threatened one of our admins who is suffered a nervous breakdown after receiving multiple inboxes and telephone sms or texts all screenshots of those have previously been published but we saved this one to give you an example of the conduct Steven Evans Director engages in rather than focus on customer service.
Our next blog is going to demonstrate how ABBBC Pty Ltd have purchased likes together with a completely unblogged or unreleased story which is currently before OFT and ACCC.
Thank you for your kind support. Please share this blog and help ensure that Ashy Bines Bikini Body Challenge are help accountable.
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Dear members,

Steven Evans has reported my personal account which he thinks freezes me from posting or the like. It means anyone who is inboxing my personal account will not be able to reach me for 30 days but you can still contact me via the waste inbox because I learned long ago to set up a spare account to combat his vexatiousness.

This is the post he reported as breaching TOC of Facebook.

It is a screenshot of a twitter comments interacting with Ashy Bines and a member of our community. I did not even post it it was posted by another admin.

He reports posts when any business comes on the page so they are marked as spam, why? because he wants you to have no alternatives and he despises the fact we offer to re-house members to free groups and businesses.

To be clear, I have recorded the conversation between myself and Ashy Bines, out of ethical consideration I have not published. It was a private conversation nor have I published a recorded conversation between Steven Evans and a third party about his views on the fitness industry or how he really views his customers. If I published them they would go viral.

I do not lower myself to the quagmire of unethical behaviour.

Why is this post so embarrassing to you Steven Evans Director?

I will ask the member who made this post to provide me with the original copy together with the comments which of course are now gone.

My suggestion Steven Evans, focus on fixing your business because I have had your new guidelines analysed and I have prepared submissions about them, and you are not going to silence me.

There are so many flaws it is disturbing.

I just want members to ask themselves one question, Julie Masci, their own dietitian did not endorse the guidelines, ask yourselves why?

Julie has an honours degree and is accredited with credibility in the market place. Yet she did not endorse the product.

Julie is a devoted and well educated woman who has chosen to help ABBBC improve their business and she is their shining light. My next blog will explain why the guidelines fall short and how much so.

Moreover this post does not breach the terms and conditions or responsibilities of facebook policies. It is just another example of him being obsessed by our community rather than focusing on improving his business which is now under intense scrutiny.

By blocking my account he is hoping that it will block my ability to blog and to ensure the page has updated blogs. Sadly that will not stop us.

My next blog will feature a particular scandal which will astound you all and will bring to light the appalling behaviour of ABBBC its employees and directors.

Please do not inbox my account. It is a waste of time for the next 30 days. Simply inbox the page because I was able to put another profile in place as this is the 15th time he has done it.

Do I care?  The answer is no.

Will it stop me or the admin team?  Definitely not!

The only thing that matters to us is that you start treating customers lawfully, that you stop breaching OFT laws and ACL laws.

Refund in accordance with your post of money back guaranteed.

When you do this page has no purpose anymore.

Why not choose to fix it rather than spend so much time attacking people.

You are a cyber terrorist Steven Evans, a man who created a page with Tara Bates with the words bully all over it, stole pictures of her family album including a child under the age of 10 then advertised it on facebook.

Ashy Bines, you have broken the Criminal Code in Queensland by uttering a false document.

We have yet to do anything about it because for us it is not personal.

Please stop moralising about cyber bullying when you have a wanton disregard for those who have a social conscience and who are trying to help thousands of women who you FAILED TO PROVIDE PRODUCT OR SERVICE TO.

Time to take stock and grow up, clearly paying to be Mr Robbins friend has taught you little.

Kind Regards Anne

PS I paid to promote the story and Steven Evans reported it to facebook for breaching nudity standards he does not want this story to get out so please share it with your friends. Seriously that is insane.

Very disturbing, which is why I have contacted GTV 9 today.

Amended 29.11.2012

The actual screenshot from a community member as the other one is small and hard to read.

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